Sunday, February 12, 2012


I said I was going to throw this up here too, so here it is:
Say hello to the Snowjet. My answer -for now- to Tim's winter vehicle theme challenge. Here we've got ourselves an oversized speedboat for frozen lakes. Refer to the small door on the belly for man-size comparison. The wings on the skis are for keeping the feet on the ground at over 200 mph while the massive fuselage wing levels out any bumps that would otherwise jostle the Grey Poupon being served on-board. Day runs to the Northwest Territory are made downright enjoyable in the well appointed cabin, and passengers appreciate the smooth power and confidant whine of the modified Honeywell AGT1500. The only thing louder than the engine in this thing is the paint.


Daahhhh, I hope she likes it!
Here's a surprise rendering I did for a good friend of mine who's figuring out a look to customize her '65 Rambler. The criteria I had to work with was: Gloss Black, Red Lace paint detail, and 1965 Rambler 550 Classic. It's drawn in the setting of the 46 square mile photo studio that is the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Rosalita is the Rambler's nickname.  I'm pretty sassified with how deep-glossy the lace on the trunk turned out.  I'm not sure I like the proportional division of the lace strips on the trunk deck, but I spaced them to line up with some bone-lines on the hood of the car.  The drawing itself is essentially freehand; no one takes photos of Ramblers in this perspective!  I probably cheated the length of the rear overhang a little, but that's my Artistic License hard at work. Enjoy!