Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last One, I Swear

After reviewing several pages of the Ferrari F70 thread on Ferrari Chat, I picked up some valid points and re-assessed the teaser images and mule car shots.  What some people are pointing out is that the mule has a large vent on the front center, not an intake. The teaser is (intentionally) vague.  In an earlier sketch, I had a solution like this, but I thought it looked ... rated x.  I still feel that way, but here it is anyway!
Other changes include re-located carbon mirrors attached to the fenders instead of the doors and different air management inside the front grill opening.

I will assemble a gif of my 20 or so process steps and post it below.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekly Sectionals: It Starts With [Mach] One

Those of you who know me know I love to 'shoop.  I live to 'shoop.  In my quest for eternal shoopage, and to create a semblance of continuity & consistency in this-here blog, I'm starting this "Weekly Sectionals" series; a play on journalistic terminology wherein I will find a car that I like, but think is a little too hefty in the bodyside, and proceed to remove said heft (known physically as "sectioning") through the magic of a quick photo modification. 

The first patient to receive this elective digital cosmetic surgery is this 1972 Mach 1 Mustang.  Click past the jump to see the original, and scroll between the two. 
Hat tip to Vaughn Gittin Jr. who actually had this done - along with a chop - for his '69 RTR drift Mustang.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Twenty-Second Century Satellite

Here's a fun sketch of a flying car that started out as an Edsel because of the upright center grill element. As I resolved it, making it a Satellite became more natural because of the bodyside ( from one of my favorite understated late 60's cars) and because it's such a great name for a Flying Car.  

Click past the jump to see a different background color.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

From Maranello With Love

Featured on Autoblog & Jalopnik!

While the real deal is still tight under wraps back in Italy, we photoshoppers have settled onto our Wacom tablets across the globe to try to piece together the identity of Ferrari's latest Hypercar. These images are my best guess- and using a slew of references ranging from the cracks in the mule-car camouflage to Ferrari's latest form language and the infamous leaked plaque, it's indeed an educated guess.

Taking a step away from other rendered speculations, this version makes an attempt to get into Pininfarina's shoes, keeping the body as clean as possible while integrating all the necessary ventilation. The mule's peculiar front fender/door intersection indicates the F150 will have a very open-wheeled look and feel. How close is this to the real fast-plastic? The wait to know will be over in less than three weeks.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Evil or Ecstasy

This piece is meant to convey the presence of an unsettling duality of expression; ambiguity of evil and ecstasy.  I'm quite sure there are a lot of facial communications I don't even realize I've included.  I do wish I had a better understanding of these.  The reference model was Emily Didonato.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Runnin' Hot!

This is an exhibition of rustiness. I like this for the drawing itself, and the action it conveys but not so much for the render quality.  I will be doing more wet-gloss work in the future, that's the most rewarding stuff to finish.

The story with this, as described in the previous post, is that this car would be a testbed for more and more powerful electric motors, and would run on an electrified race circuit, so there would only be power onboard for life support.  The driver has the little slit window and the engineer/ co-driver would have the larger observation window.  This scene shows a high speed "throttle-up", causing the car to burn rubber at 436mph.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today Was A Good Day To Sketch

After taking a bit of a step back, I realized that with all the speculative renderings and super realistic/production intent stuff I've been doing lately, I've strayed considerably from what got me drawing in my spare time in the first place: imagining things that are fantastic, extraordinary and most importantly, non-existent!  Removing myself from the rut of reality got me back into drawing some things that made me shout expletives they excited me so.  I was overdue for some fun!  I will be rendering some of these in one form or another..
These are assorted vehicles from a place where energy and resources are overly abundant, so efficiency is a preposterous notion.  These top cars are a ball-drive coupe, scroll down for more explanations. 

The car above is Jet driven, you may notice the wing on the top of the car, which raises only at high speeds to A: keep the car on the ground and B: let 2x the air into the engines. Something about the front makes me want to say this is a Maserati.
 This car can be compared to a slot car. Notice the large motors mounted outboard of the wheels, surrounded by heat-sink fins.  This would belong to a racing series to find more powerful ways to build motors using a powered race circuit.  I put the wheels on the inside because the motors get too hot to be near eachother, and it'd make awesome sparks going around corners!