Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today Was A Good Day To Sketch

After taking a bit of a step back, I realized that with all the speculative renderings and super realistic/production intent stuff I've been doing lately, I've strayed considerably from what got me drawing in my spare time in the first place: imagining things that are fantastic, extraordinary and most importantly, non-existent!  Removing myself from the rut of reality got me back into drawing some things that made me shout expletives they excited me so.  I was overdue for some fun!  I will be rendering some of these in one form or another..
These are assorted vehicles from a place where energy and resources are overly abundant, so efficiency is a preposterous notion.  These top cars are a ball-drive coupe, scroll down for more explanations. 

The car above is Jet driven, you may notice the wing on the top of the car, which raises only at high speeds to A: keep the car on the ground and B: let 2x the air into the engines. Something about the front makes me want to say this is a Maserati.
 This car can be compared to a slot car. Notice the large motors mounted outboard of the wheels, surrounded by heat-sink fins.  This would belong to a racing series to find more powerful ways to build motors using a powered race circuit.  I put the wheels on the inside because the motors get too hot to be near eachother, and it'd make awesome sparks going around corners!


  1. You know what I wish there was on these drawings? Cut lines. Sexy beautiful cut lines like on the Aventador or even the gas cap on a new focus. I think it would really lend an air of believability and style. I mean the lines you have are so nice there wouldn't be any reason not to have a few more of them

    1. Thanks for the email. I'm onboard with the Focus suggestion, something smooth but sharp that matches the form language of the vehicles. Looking back on these, I made the same mistake as Iran with their fiberglass jet fighter. It looks amateurish and unfinished without the cutlines.

    2. Ha. I saw that story. I bet everyone with a background like ours who wasn't in the military knew a "mock up" when they saw it. Did you see the obvious scale model of it flying? If it was real they would have shown it taxing around like the Chinese