Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Evil or Ecstasy

This piece is meant to convey the presence of an unsettling duality of expression; ambiguity of evil and ecstasy.  I'm quite sure there are a lot of facial communications I don't even realize I've included.  I do wish I had a better understanding of these.  The reference model was Emily Didonato.  


  1. This is pretty cool. I like the way it feels more stylized than your previous portraits. I wonder if the mood would be better represented if you lost the shading completely on the actual eyeball. It might be more impactful and deliberate looking. Just white

    1. You're right, it would look more deliberate but as stated I wanted there to be an unsettling ambiguity. You can't say if she's blind or can see everything.. Also, before I finished the eyes they were all white and it just looked to much like Storm from XMen; beyond stylized and too close to cartoonized.