Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009: The year before 2010.

The truth in startling clarity. 2009 was a year full not of digital paintings, but of colorful life experiences, including but not limited to: my first Woodward Dream Cruise, providing artwork without compensation, Coolifying my '67 Skylark (and being featured on MotorMavens), Cruising Main and Woodward for hours every weekend this summer, Completing my second SEMA show car, Rescuing and raising Kittehs, and the obligatory portfolio re-completion.

What Does 2010 hold in store!? New (to me) industrial space, The Challenge of '74, TownCobra, MoTown Cop-Rod, Blackbeauty 2.0, And perhaps most importantly, means with which to complete my ends. My Oh, so grandiose ends.

Stay Tuned!

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