Friday, October 26, 2012

Fifty Shades of Blue

Tonight I threw some color (a color) onto a sketch done a little while ago of a super-light hydrogen fuel-cell electric sportscar.  It was inspired by the GM Autonomy platform (the skateboard from the early 2000's).  The goal was to visually communicate the different package, and expose as much as possible; making a very airy form for a full-body car.  The area that adds the most visual weight to a car is the bodyside... so it's been removed for the Hysport.  The body is visually compressed into a very thin upper tier to create a recognizable car shape, but a glance below the beltline will indicate something's very different about this one.  The front scoop splitter and low tail spoiler remain to plant the car.  This is not supposed to be legally feasible for production.

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