Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mustang Mach x1 on a coastal highway

Here, the Mustang Mach x1 concept makes another appearance: this time tearing up a two-lane coastal highway.  This version has an updated front fascia and rocker panel to reflect the form language of Ford's EVOS concept, and Fusion vehicle.  Many other 50th anniversary Mustang speculations have adopted the EVOS' looks, but I still wanted to see it with this proportion.
The Mustang Mach x1 is planned to be a very low production (50) 50th anniversary celebration vehicle, and hearkens to selected details of the '68 fastback and '69 Mach 1.  Although the Mustang has been the go-to car for affordable American performance, this version would shatter that tradition by being the highest-performance, most exclusive car available from the Big Three.  Power coming from a supercharged DOHC v10 mounted to a dual-clutch transmission, negotiated through a finely-tuned IRS would let this car walk past just about everything else on the highways.  It would be valued world-over as a collectible vehicle, and act as the bookend for the "retro Mustangs" as new models roll off the line with contemporary styling, made to global homologation standards.

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