Friday, January 20, 2012

Arctic Breeze

This was done for a good ol' friendly sketch challenge for a communal blog some friends and I have set up containing items of inspiration and original work. It's my second entry for the winter vehicle sketch challenge, I'll post the first entry shortly.

This Winter Specific sketch challenge vehicle is nicknamed "Arctic Breeze." The concept is simple but novel, as far as I've found. Its essentially a sailing yacht with vertical wind turbines which charge batteries, coupled with an electrically driven tread. I toyed with the idea of mechanically connecting the turbines to the tread but then I realized that this is the Twenty-First Century! Indeed, it's a stark departure from the SnowJet when it comes to brashness, but the idea of a frozen lake-yacht is common between the two. I think the Arctic Breeze would have fairer sailing from a crosswind rather than a headwind, it'd be much like a conventional sailing yacht in that sense. Enjoy!


  1. That's pretty tight man, nice lighting and silhouette!

  2. Thank y' kindly. Couldn't find much reference for shiny white things in the snow, so this'll have to do for now!